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Delivering Exceptional Marketing Solutions Established in 2008

Lumaxis Pte Ltd was established in 2008 as a project consultancy firm, specializing in marketing services, exhibitions, corporate conferences, product launches, and special events.


Reputation for Creativity and Professionalism

A dynamic always think out of the box outfit, lumaxis has earned an enviable reputation for its creativity and professionalism. The firm continuously strives for technical excellence and outstanding customer service.


Driven by Creativity, Timeliness, and Expertise

lumaxis' work is driven by pure creativity, on-time delivery, great value, and the expertise of its highly experienced team - professionals who are great to work with.


Personalized Attention and Meticulous Details

lumaxis blends innovative designs with personalized attention and meticulous details. The firm listens closely, charts a course, and monitors every step to ensure the success of each client's marketing campaigns.


Innovative Solutions and Top-Drawer Service

lumaxis brings innovative solutions to life through effective and practical concepts, coupled with a top-drawer customer service approach. These are the critical defining factors that contribute to the success of its clients' events.



"The cocktail reception was amazing, it was perfect. Thank you for your wonderful service!"

Susan Ang, SGX


“Most professional operation I have worked with.”

Wendy De Cruz, SNL

Lifestyle Events Agency

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